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What We Cover: Since 1935, Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications Diesel & Gas Turbine Sourcing Guide has covered the products and technologies involved with any type of reciprocating or rotating (turbine) engine. This includes anything that can be used with engines, including engine accessories (turbochargers, fuel injection systems, internal engine components, etc.) electronic controls, hydraulics, mechanical transmission components, emissions-reduction technology, generators, marine power transmissions systems, etc. DieselandGasTurbineGuide.net includes the same information in an always-available, searchable internet-based format that includes expanded capabilities for videos and other media types.

Typical Readers: Engineers involved with designing, packaging and/or manufacturing mobile on- and off-highway equipment, power generation and other types of stationary engine systems, marine propulsion and auxiliary systems.

Typical Advertisers: Manufacturers and suppliers of systems and components used in all types of reciprocating and rotating engine systems.


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