Compression Technology Sourcing Supplement (CTSS)

The comprehensive source for comparative technical information on gas compressors, drivers and related machinery, systems and services.


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Typical Users:  Personnel seeking dependable information to help specify, engineer, design, manufacture, build and purchase compressor packages and related ancillary services and products.  Fleet operators and technicians seeking to gain or refresh their understanding of compression technology.

Typical Advertisers:  Manufacturers of compressors, compressor systems, engines, gas and steam turbines, motors, drives, components, control and monitoring technology.  Also engineering firms, packagers, training firms, consultants and related support service providers.

Markets Covered:  Gas machinery used for onshore and offshore wellhead gas gathering, vapor recovery, natural gas transmission, gas storage, gas treatment, refineries and chemical and petrochemical plants.  Service and support activities associated with gas handling machinery.

In Print:  The annual print version of the Compression Technology Sourcing Supplement with selected excerpts from the Gas Processors Supplier Association’s Engineering Data Book – 12th Ed.  It mails with the print version of the March issue of COMPRESSORtech2 magazine.

On the Web:  All of the product specifications and informative advertising content of the print edition appears in interactive form online at and is periodically updated to include new products and companies.

Compression Technology Sourcing Supplement

Your guide to compression machinery and related components and systems.

What We Cover:

The Compression Technology Sourcing Supplement (CTSS) is the comprehensive source for comparative technical information on gas compressors, drivers and related machinery, systems and services.
Contents include:

    • Basic machinery specification tables from all major machinery manufacturers.
  • Selected excerpts from the Gas Processors Suppliers Association Engineering Data Book – 12th Ed. covering gas compression machinery fundamental principles, operation and applications.
  • Manufacturer & vendor advertising sections offering additional product data, support information, ordering information and service capabilities.

Typical Readers: Design, specifying, purchasing management at engine-powered equipment OEMs, packagers, systems integrators; consulting, specifying engineers.

Typical Advertisers: Engine, hydraulic, mechanical component manufacturers, as well as literally all the components that go into engine-powered equipment – electronics, cooling, silencing, emissions components and systems, ergonomics.

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