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Frequency: 10x per year (Combined January/February & August/September) Delivery: Print and digital editions Circulation: 14,250 BPA audited Coverage: Global

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New products, developments, services and trends relating to onshore and offshore wellhead and gathering compressors, booster stations, gas treatment plants, storage facilities, mainline compressor stations, vapor recovery applications, refineries and chemical and petrochemical plants. Coverage includes all types of compressors; reciprocating, gas turbine or electric drivers; controls; on-skid pumps and auxiliary equipment and systems as well as related products and services.

Typical Readers: Our readers represent those who specify, purchase, design, build, operate and maintain compressor packages as well as those who provide consulting and ancillary services relating to compressors. They also include engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, managerial, sales and marketing professionals at compressor and driver OEMs.

Typical Advertisers: Our advertisers include manufacturing firms involved in the design, development and delivery of compressors, compressor systems, engines, motors, drives, controls and monitoring technology. They also include consultants, engineering firms, training firms and other service providers to the industry. They include compressor set packagers and those involved in the installation and maintenance of those packages from foundation to emissions management.

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Editorial Focus

Compressors: We offer in-depth coverage of centrifugal, reciprocating and rotary compressors as well as related turbomachinery, news of new products, product advancements, technical guidance from expert authors, case studies and company profiles.

Drivers: We cover technological and product developments pertaining to spark-ignited gas engines, gas turbines, electric motors, turboexpanders, drives and couplings.

Emissions: We report on evolving regulatory requirements and the products and services that can help compressor package operators meet them.

Technical Background: We offer advanced, practical technical information on current research generated by authorities recognized and respected in their specialties. We also provide “Field Reports” designed to present a coherent overview of the particular machinery demands posed by local conditions in diverse producing regions and how those needs are being met.

Industry News: Our regular departments cover important industry events, company and association news, personnel changes, mergers and acquisitions, market conditions from a compression perspective and global insights from our editors & field editors located around the world.

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